Bio Healthcare
(Cold-Pressed) Shea Butter
Instead of using conventional chemical solvent extraction method, our Shea Butter is produced in Extra Virgin grade by cold-pressed method to maintain high quality.

  • Shea butter raw materials sales to domestic and overseas manufacturers
  • Finished product’s brand development
  • Development and production of natural materials such as vanilla and moringa
R & D
In order to develop and discover diverse markets, we contribute to market formation and industrialization through technology internalization and solution advancement.

CEO : Shin, Sangyong ㅣ Address :  4th Floor, 60, Eonnam-gil, Seocho-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea 

                                     ㅣ Business license number : 212-81-50363 ㅣ T. 02 572 6634 ㅣ E.  

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