Bio Healthcare
We have established our own natural materials processing center in Uganda, to develop and discover high quality natural bio-materials in order to lead on the biomaterials market.

 01  Shea Butter 

 02  MobileODT

 03  Multi-Gyn

  • Global No.1 obstetrics and gynecology products certified with 92% repurchase rate
  • Contains 2QR-complex to protect female’s intimiate zone from harmful environment
  • Clinically proven global patent
  • Used by millions of women around the world
  • highly recommended products from obstetricians and gynecologists around the world
  • 100% natural ingredients, no preservatives added
It is based on an innovative treatment method that prevents vaginal infections by binding and neutralizing harmful bacteria using natural products with excellent anti-adhesion properties.
  • If the vaginal environment is well balanced, it can protect itself from Bacterial Vaginosis or Candida Vaginitis.
  • Multi-Gyn is the most suitable product for managing various female diseases.

CEO : Shin, Sangyong ㅣ Address :  4th Floor, 60, Eonnam-gil, Seocho-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea 

                                     ㅣ Business license number : 212-81-50363 ㅣ T. 02 572 6634 ㅣ E.  

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