Smart Glasses
Gait Guide for parkinson disease
 A wearable medical device to assist Parkinson’s disease patients, developed with AR and computer vision technology.

  • Certified as Class I medical device
  • In progress to New Medical Technology registration
  • Seek to business expansion to early diagnosis system for dementia
Bio Healthcare
(Cold-Pressed) Shea Butter
Instead of using conventional chemical solvent extraction method, our Shea Butter is produced in Extra Virgin grade by cold-pressed method to maintain high quality.

  • Shea butter raw materials sales to domestic and overseas manufacturers
  • Finished product’s brand development
  • Development and production of natural materials such as vanilla and moringa
In the process of manufacturing semiconductors, supplying ancillary devices that support major facilities, and we are in the business of providing solutions in response to customer demands in terms of hardware and software.

  • Gas Cabibet
  • Chemical Cabinet
  • Scrubber
Smart Factory
Establishment of accumulated systems in the field of production / quality control in semiconductor and pharmaceutical-related industries. Based on such technology, we are carrying out construction projects such as semiconductor process equipment / production management system / integrated control system.

  • RFID Reader, TAG, PLC, Bluetooth module
  • ZigBee module and AP, Wifi Access point
R & D
In order to develop and discover diverse markets, we contribute to market formation and industrialization through technology internalization and solution advancement.

CEO : Shin, Sangyong ㅣ Address :  4th Floor, 60, Eonnam-gil, Seocho-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea 

                                     ㅣ Business license number : 212-81-50363 ㅣ T. 02 572 6634 ㅣ E.  

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