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Based on the core technology, short-range wireless communication and sensor network technology, garage floor area ratio management/real-time inventory status identification/wireless TAG solution business promotion

 01  Smart Warehouse Solution

 02  MSDS Management System

 03  Smart Cart & PR Holder

Smart Warehouse Solution
Solution for effective warehouse management using warehouse floor area ratio management, temperature and humidity sensor, wireless chip tag, and 3D MAP

Smart Warehouse Solution is a system that enables real-time inventory identification by linking the warehouse floor area ratio management system and wireless chip tag system with various sensors for employees’ efficient warehouse management.

  • Product name : Wireless TAG/Scanner
  • Purpose :
  • Real-time grasp of inventory status and storage location information of expensive equipment and raw materials
  • Equipment that can prevent equipment loss and minimize inventory     inspection costs
  • Main Supplier : SK Hynix
MSDS Management System
A system in which documents recording the name, composition, risk, first aid measures, and environmental impact of chemical substances can be viewed through KOISK or a terminal

MSDS stands for Material Safey Data Sheet, which is a material safety data sheet, and in accordance with Article 41 of the Occupational Safety and Health Act, MSDS must be posted/placed in a place that can be easily viewed or accessed by workers handling chemicals and inspected and managed from time to time.

  • Product name : Smart MSDS verification device
  • Purpose : This is a dedicated cart for MASK movement to prevent quality accidents by preventing condensation caused by temperature difference between indoors and outdoors during the process of moving the MASK produced in the Mask Shop to the final use FAB and preventing impact caused by vibration.
  • Main Supplier : SK Hynix
Smart Cart & PR Holder
Equipment that can shorten the replacement time by receiving information from the server for replacing the PR bottle mounted on the cart in the semiconductor production process from the server through the mobile terminal.

It is a device to monitor the sensor information while moving dangerous substances through the Smart Cart, and to check the RFID of the PR bottle and nozzle in real time to prevent incorrect input when replacing the PR bottle, thereby preventing production loss.

  • Product name : Chemical Bottle Holder
  • Purpose : product to prevent accidents in which the photosensitive solution used to print circuits on the wafer in the semiconductor photo process in advance.
  • Main Supplier : SK Hynix

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